Portraits of Pets and People

A professional portrait is the perfect gift and the most beautiful form of remembrance.

I paint portraits of pets and their loving owners from photos. My artistic approach is an illustrative rather than photorealistic style. I want to capture and interpret the animal’s or person’s personality and spirit. My customers appreciate the sensitive work because a first class hand-painted portrait depicts the individual character more vivid and powerful than a photo ever could.

The technique.

I offer a rich variety of techniques (watercolor, ink, digital collage) and artistic expressions to illustrate the individuality of the model in the most attractive form. Browse my portfolio and discover the very technique that suits you best.

The 4 steps to your portrait.

(1) Get your favorite photos of your beloved pet and/or person or simply make a few new ones. For pet portraits it is particularly important that the eyes are clearly visible in the photo.

(2) Send me an email with the best 3 photos. Ideally you already add a short description of your first idea of the portrait.

(3) We discuss the details of the project (picture composition, format, technique and date of completion).

(4) I paint the portrait and you get the picture on the agreed date.

The contact.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!